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An outstanding leader with a deep wealth of insurance and risk management knowledge, Maeve brings 25 years of experience as a senior executive in the Canadian insurance industry. In her current role at ISB, she is responsible for driving growth while assisting customers across the continent meet the critical need for better efficiencies, cost-savings and accuracy in the processing of claims. Prior to ISB, Maeve held senior national positions within Canada's largest insurance brokerage, an independent adjusting firm, and a tier 1 commercial insurer. Through her strategic leadership roles and strong relationship-building skills, she has amassed an extensive cross-section of high-profile contacts spanning all levels of the insurance marketplace. Maeve is a Canadian accredited insurance broker, a designated Canadian risk manager, and a fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

Over three years ago, ISB Canada developed the insurance industry’s first automated cyber investigative platform that harvests social media and open source data to assist with investigations, mitigate risk factors and combat fraud.  Today, we are pleased to be launching our newest version of the platform, offering even greater capabilities and additional ROI for our clients. […]

Driver Abstract From a driver’s licence number, this report can provide the current driver’s licence status and restrictions.  It lists infractions by type and date from the last 2-5 years (varies by product).  This report is available across Canada (except Alberta) and the US. Driver Insurance History From a driver’s licence number, this search can […]

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has consistently provided Canadians with a well articulated and easy to understand synopsis on the Canadian property and casualty insurance industry.  Their annual Facts of the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada documents everything from the industry in general, how it works, where premium dollars are spent and how […]

A few days ago, I watched a fantastic TED Talk where Alexander Betts provided a compelling discussion regarding ‘inclusive globalization’.  He used Brexit as an example of why some individuals embrace globalization versus fearing it.  As British citizen, he realized that had never been to the areas of England where the majority of people voted […]

I recently hosted a lunch and learn session about our Social Media Investigations (SMI) product currently offered by ISB, for my young millennial colleagues.  The purpose of the course was twofold; to educate them about our state of the art product, and to secretly highlight how critically important it is for them to manage what […]

As the world becomes faster and more deadline-driven, I believe we all struggle to spend time doing personal activities we love. Reading is something that I have loved since childhood. Many hours of my youth were spent tucked away with something special I found at the local library. It continued right through my teenage and […]

Driving home from work the other day, I was listening to a show on CBC radio celebrating the 45th birthday of email.  While the program mentioned that the Internet as we know it, only came into widespread use in the early 90s. In fact, Ray Tomlinson, an American pioneer in computer programing, sent the first email […]