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Vérification de l’identité dans l’âge numérique En 2018, la fraude semble plus répandue que jamais auparavant. À certains égards, la prédominance écrasante et continue de la numérisation des données y est probablement attribuable. Tout en continuant à s’adapter à la technologie et à la mettre en œuvre, la protection de la collecte des données devient […]

In 2018, it seems fraud is more prevalent than ever before. In some ways, the overwhelming and continuous prominence of the digitalization of data can perhaps be blamed for this. While we continue to adapt and implement technology, the protection of data collection becomes more of a concern. Data, as we may all collectively agree, […]

ISB Canada is pleased to announce the launch of six (6) new employment background screening products available on the ISB Order Centre. The following products, aimed at providing documentation for the most comprehensive background screening, are now available to all ISB clients: Global Clearance Check High-Risk Fraud Alert Premium Terrorist Check OFAC (Office Foreign Assets […]

When it comes to Privacy and Compliance employers are fast learning the accuracy of the adage “too much knowledge is dangerous.” Employees can sue you if the results your provider returns reveals information about them not pertinent to hiring. For example, if your background check provider is not familiar with Privacy and Compliance reforms – […]

We have all gone through speeches about active listening, helping clients and prospects, championing, being an evangelist, etc., but how often do we help our peers? Not for reward, recognition, or self-interest but simply because we want to see everyone in our organization doing well. This got me thinking about how we sometimes fail our […]

As an executive in the screening and investigations industry, one of the most interesting moments I experience is when HR leaders tell me they do not see any value in performing criminal background checks. I often equate this with the thought, I’m confident that none of my employees have a criminal record, or I’m comfortable […]

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