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March 21, 2016 – Milton, ON:  Making Eligibility Easier (MEE), a division of ISB Canada, who sponsored the Fleet Safety Award last year, have decided to participate again in 2016 and sponsor a brand new initiative that is part of the PMTC Awards at their annual conference in June of this year.  MEE will be the proud sponsor of “The PMTC Professional Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Scholarship”. The recipient of this award will receive a complete TTSAO or PTDI certified training course through KRTS Transportation specialists, or $5,000.00 towards another approved school if the winner is from outside of Ontario.

Michael Thompson, CEO of ISB Canada stated “In recognition of our continued alliance with the PMTC and our new partnership with the TTSAO, ISB and our MEE Driver Qualification platform, we are excited to be sponsoring this year’s PMTC Professional CMV Driver Training Scholarship.  The first, and one of the most important steps to enrolling a new student or hiring a new driver, is having them fully qualified by the MEE Driver Qualification platform.  The MEE platform has been identified as the “best in class” standard for qualifying drivers and students by commercial insurance companies like Aviva.  We look forward to continuing to work with the PMTC to bring the very best hiring standards to the PMTC members and entry level drivers through the TTSAO.”

“With MEE so graciously deciding to move to sponsoring the new award this year, it has allowed Aviva Canada to move into being the new sponsor of the PMTC-Aviva Fleet Safety Awards, which was a perfect fit for Aviva and their goals of promoting best Fleet Safety practices” stated PMTC president Mike Millian.

Don Williams, Senior Manager, Transportation  for Aviva Canada proclaimed “We are privileged to have the opportunity to sponsor the Private Fleet Safety Award.  Aviva Canada recognizes the dedication and commitment that a company exhibits in going above and beyond through their fleet safety practices.”

Mike Millian went on to add, “The PMTC is grateful to the supporters of the goals and objectives of promoting best practices in fleet safety and training, and thanks Aviva, MEE and KRTS for working together to promote all three.”  These awards, and all others are currently open for applicants to apply at www.pmtc.ca, or by emailing info@pmtc.ca for more information.

Michael Thompson is a visionary and performance-focused leader with 20-plus years of experience building profitable businesses. With an exceptional track record in the Canadian technology and corporate marketplace, he is well known for his customer-centric approach, team building talent and ability to create a deep network of senior C-level relationships. Prior to ISB, Mr. Thompson was at the helm of a major Canadian company specializing in supply chain management and innovative 1:1 marketing technology solutions. Before that, he had been vice president of a top-tier travel and leisure company, where he drove record growth and created the largest wholly owned consumer travel business in North America with $1B of network sales. In addition to his leadership role at ISB Canada, Mr. Thompson participates on several boards and committees, including the CEO Forum.