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Social Media and Open Source Investigations

  • Uncover Fraudulent Claims
  • Locate Witnesses or Associates
  • Catch Subject in Restricted Activities
  • Close Files Faster
  • Prove Timelines
  • Cost Effective Investigation

The following products are now available on the ISB Order Centre:


Product 32
Enhanced Social Media Footprint
ISB’s Footprint provides you with a full written report, in less than 48 hours, containing a subject's complete Social Media profile including posts, pictures, and videos. Use keywords to narrow your search further to uncover potential court-ready evidence and reduce your claims exposure while catching fraud.


Product 32.1
Social Media Footprint and a 1-Hour Cyber Investigation
The Snapshot provides a Social Media footprint, and a 1-hour open source manual search by an experienced Social Media Investigator focused on uncovering evidence.

Snapshot Plus

Product 32.2
Social Media Footprint and a 4-Hour Cyber Investigation
The Snapshot Plus provides not only a footprint but also 4 additional hours of open source investigations by an experienced Social Media Investigator. This product delivers both current and historical searches on a variety of platforms to help determine the legitimacy of a claim.


Product 32.3
Customized Social Media Investigations
The Panoramic provides a fully customized investigative approach covering multiple platforms and persons of interest. Given the unique needs of this type of complex investigation, the cost of this product is based on an hourly rate.
Hourly Rate

Client Testimonial

“This technology enabled my team to force-multiply their efforts and focus on the important components of the investigation. We would have never been able to identify linkages at the same speed and proficiency. The report was very comprehensive, easy to analyze and court admissible – all vital components that helped bring this case to a successful closure.”
- Special Investigations Unit Team Leader, Global Insurance Company (30 million customers)