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Trucking Suite / Fraud Detection

ISB Canada is trailblazing new methods to help Insurance companies uncover the truth about their claims and limit their risk associated with any given policy. Through the use of exciting new technology and strategies, Brokers can now expedite their processes leading to even faster qualification. Everyone has heard of Big Data, ISB Canada now brings you Smart Data. Working alongside our sister companies ASAP Secured and AFIMAC, ISB Canada has also developed a complete risk mitigation offering bringing together the strengths of each of company’s specific fields. Ask about our Enterprise Strategy and how it can help create a competitive advantage for your company.


MEE is a system designed to help the transportation industry in qualifying drivers and getting them on the road efficiently, safely, and cost effectively by providing all the required documents and services through a single website.

Preventative Services

For any high value loads, ASAP’s cargo escorts will not only act as a deterrent for any would-be-thieves, they also ensure a priority response from the authorities for any jeopardized load.

Utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we test an organization’s security and processes and provide a detailed report complete with photo evidence that illustrates any weaknesses that exist from an objective standpoint as well as recommendations to improve efficiencies.


AFIMAC has an array of services to help investigate and monitor subjects including a suite of digital and physical surveillance, undercover investigations and consultation. Each solution is designed to help mitigate risk and fraud within your business.

Claims Assistance

ISB Canada’s efficient one-stop for all of your source documents and information needs, allowing you to spend your time investigating the claim rather than gathering resources.